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Pls check for me if everything is right cause my account tells me is incomplete


My bill

How can I pay my bill before my album is taken off of iTunes?


My single was released and all I see is to store links

can you please tell me today why I only see two links but I picked or selected almost every store you have to offer


I need help have a couple of questions

Can someone help me.. I want to know how do i collect the royalties? Is there a direct deposit or how does it work


YouTube revenue guidelines on how money is Disturbed to cust

I need to know how the youtube check disturbing goes. My track is on YouTube since last year. And also has been uploaded through your company on YouTube in January.


Album not up

Why the album not up on iTunes yet


Album not excepted yet for release.

Was curious when my album will be excepted for release? It’s been 3 business Days.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Nate


A check

Did you send me a check


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